Everything you need to know about healthy-delicious living

So you’ve got this great idea that you should eat healthier, but…
You feel it’s too difficult, intense or stressful
After all, you’ve been living with your current way of eating, for your whole lifetime
But now, if you make a real change, you’ll need to check labels and be picky about what you eat
You are also worried that healthy food can’t be as delicious
You are worried that you may be hungry all the time
And you are confused about what is healthy and what’s not

You are not alone.

And the great news is that you can eat healthier without giving up taste.

You better believe it!

Healing Foods provides the answers you’ve been looking for.

Find out how to add health and taste to your plate with 12 experts & chefs

What are Healing Foods?

  • Healthy to your body
  • Healthy to your mind
  • Delicious
  • Fight chronic diseases *
  • Boost Immune system
  • Increase energy levels
  • Give your body the complete nutrition it needs
raw vegan pizza

Healing Pizza – Raw Vegan Delicious Pizza


* Do you know that you can turn your ‘unhealthy’ genes off?
This means that even if your parents suffer from heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other chronic disease, you can avoid developing the same conditions yourself.

Let food be your health insurance!

As a young boy I watched my father recovering from a painful heart attack. At that time his doctor told him, that most likely he would need to repeat the open hurt surgery in 6-7 more years. But my father hasn’t needed another surgery in the years that have passed since then. Actually, a few years after the heart attack, my father was far healthier than he’d ever been before his illness struck. He has improved health these days, which directly resulted from his newfound commitment to eating healthier, and exercising too.
This made me think: Should I get a heart attack like my dad and then change my diet or should I just skip it, eat healthy now and never go through an open heart surgery? This is how The Healing Foods was born.

Who is The Healing Foods for?
It’s for you, if:

  • You want to avoid needing doctors to help you deal with poor health,
  • You want to avoid being on diets and counting calories
  • You don’t want to fight daily with what you’re eating, but enjoying everything you eat, and still staying healthy
  • You try to eat healthy now, but you feel that you can improve your health and energy levels even more
  • You want to learn how a plant-based diet can become a celebration of tastes
  • You want to know which healthy food are rich in b12, protein, iron, Omega 3 and calcium
  • You’re looking for healthier alternatives to meat and dairy products
  • Either one of your parents had/has had cancer or heart disease
  • You’re confused by all the contradictory information out there about food and diets

What’s unique about The Healing Foods?

  • Read the inspiring stories of real people who healed their bodies themselves with delicious, easy-to-enjoy foods
  • Learn healing recipes from health chefs and experts
  • Instead of pushing you toward a strict diet, we encourage you to find enjoyment and taste in your food
  • Discover 12 different perspectives on a healthy lifestyle
  • Learn how to save money by replacing supplements with super foods
  • Learn how to find the best diet for you and your family, including finicky kids

Who is The Healing Foods NOT for?

  • Those who don’t care about their health
  • For those who believe that there is no connection between what you eat and overall health, and there is nothing that will change their mind about it
  • Those who love to eat meat and/or dairy products, and they can’t even consider reducing the amount of fat from animals that they consume

In order to give you a complete picture about healthy food choices, I interviewed people who don’t necessarily agree with each other, to get all sides of the story regarding eating a whole-foods diet. I interviewed long-time vegetarian moms about how and what they feed their kids. And I also interviewed a vegan Olympic Games gold medalist, to provide information for those of you who are very active and need extra nutrition; getting his input on a super-healthy diet, for a super-high performance athletic lifestyle.

My way today is to eat mostly vegan food. I choose this way because I believe it’s the healthiest choice, based on the endless research I read my way through; as well as based on what the experts in my book are teaching their own patients.
I’m not saying there are no other healthy ways, but this approach shows the most compassion to animals and to the wellbeing of our planet.
But you don’t need to choose just one specific diet.
Most doctors agree that eating more vegetables and fruits, and less fat from animal sources, processed food and white foods (e.g. sugar, refined potatoes and wheat flower) will help you be healthier. I want you to help you follow their advice without giving up the enjoyment of eating.

The Healing Foods will show you how to:

  • Eat Healthy without giving up delicious taste
  • How food can be your best medicine for your mental and physical health
  • Why diets don’t work and what you can do about it
  • How to be healthy without using any supplements, just nature’s super foods. This will save you a lot of money!
  • Naturally detoxify your body so you don’t get sick anymore
  • The Secret Nutritionist Ingredient that will help you absorb more nutrition
  • Enjoy your food and find just the right foods for you
  • What to do about your children’s diet so they love plant-based foods and stay healthier
  • Stay healthy in body and mind, and lose weight without the need to count calories
  • And much more

Eating healthy should be a yummy life style, rather than a “diet”.

Inna suffered from severe colds, chronic sinusitis, severe ear infections, headaches, stomach problems, cystitis, and knee joint inflammations. The variety of medicines she got from her doctors helped with the symptoms but didn’t heal her.
Keith suffered from physical and mental pain. He had a chronic disease that was killing him, and his doctor didn’t know the cause or how to heal it.
Sasha was 230 pounds, he was depressed and was diagnosed as type 2 bipolar. He was on mood stabilizers and couldn’t concentrate.
Anugama was diagnosed with an auto-immune illness which could be very virulent at times. She was often afraid for her life.

They all had different illnesses, but they had two things in common:
1. Doctors couldn’t help them
2. Changing their eating habits, and switching to a healthier diet, healed them.

You can read their inspiring stories in this book.
These are just few of the stories that I heard while working on the book. Not everybody wanted their identity to be exposed. I met people who healed themselves from cancer, diabetes type 2, heart disease, obesity and many more illnesses.

What you eat is what you become
If you eat healthy
You’re going to be healthy.
Please don’t wait until you are sick to pay attention to your diet.


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